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In Summary: 2013

2013 has been a fantastic and very exciting year for us all at Red Ridge. In 2012 we purchased an extra 11 acres of land, immediately adjacent to the centre, on which we built a wonderful new lake to accommodate our new watersports centre. The lake is much bigger than our previous lake and we have been able to introduce Standup paddle boarding as a totally new activity which has been a real hit with all ages. We have also been able to introduce a much wider, and more interesting range of kayaks.

A warm shelter, with full view of the lake, is currently under construction, so that the less adventurous, and the cold, can warm up, make themselves a cup of coffee and even access high speed wifi! Just like Starbucks really!

All our guests can now access our Free wifi at a staggering 20Mb. It took us six years – but we made it!

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