In accordance with National Guidelines we now work to RISK BENEFIT ASSESSMENTS ensuring that we operate safely but that guests of all ages have an understanding of their responsibilities in keeping themselves safe, not only at Red Ridge, but in life in general. Let me give you an example: We are walking within close proximity of the Centre, on a relatively warm day and advise the group that waterproofs should be carried. We would not check that a 10 year old had put a waterproof in their bag, and might allow them the learning experience of the physical discomfort of getting wet, as long as it posed no risk or great discomfort. However, if we were about to walk in a less friendly environment or in less favourable conditions, in which commonsense dictated that risk outweighed the benefit, or learning experience, then we would ensure that waterproofs were worn. Clearly this is a very difficult concept to put into writing but group leaders, and parents, can be assured that the principle is applied with absolute common sense, and without undue risk to the client. We brief clients as to our expectations as soon as they arrive in the centre and encourage the taking of responsibility towards themselves, and others, at all times.