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Leadership & management skills

Leadership and management skills courses

Integrating new talent into a company is an exciting prospect, bringing fresh innovative ideas and a new perspective. Our 'Responsibility in Industry' courses are targeted at helping young people integrate into their new companies as effectively and as painlessly as possible. We have been offering these courses to Universities, Colleges and Training organisations since 1978. Courses can be of varying duration to suit time restraints and budgets..

Pre-course preparation

In advance of the course we will discuss your specific needs with you, and tailor the course accordingly, ensuring that the anticipated outcomes and expectations of Red Ridge, and your trainers or management, and trainees, are one and the same. We recognise how very important it is that your employees fully understand the relevance and context of the training programme in which you are investing, prior to the course.

The management process (core skills)

Our courses are based on the concept of the 'Management process,' encompassing issues such as leadership, teamwork, continuous assessment of consequences, decision making, project management, time management


We explore the roles and responsibilities of leadership - including the need of the team to identify the issue or project, the setting aims and objectives, the analysis of resources, assessment of consequences, delegation, effective communication, rehearsal if appropropriate, and reviewing aims and objectives. It is important that all team members understand the role of team leader, so that they may better support the process effectively, and understand that, irrespective of their job role, they will often be called upon to be that leader.

Project planning

Depending on the length of the course students will have the opportunity to test their leadership and team skills on a number of small projects. We often suggest that one such appropriate project might be working as a team to create a presentation to employers or training organisation, demonstrating what they have learnt during the course. This is an excellent way of relating rehearsed skills back to the workplace, and provides the employer with important information about what the employee might be bringing back into the workplace.

Our residential programme

We will explore your chosen key skills in an interlinked series of theoretical and practical sessions. Theory sessions will explore real life examples and case studies and relate these back to the workplace. Fun is an important aspect of any learning, and practical sessions will be a combination of exciting outdoor activities and carefully chosen tasks or small projects, utilising skills discussed in the theory sessions. We encourage our students to believe that we are all far more capable than we often believe ourselves to be, and therefore to aim higher. Health and Safety and the concept of Transferable skills are an integral part of any course.

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