Suggested Kit List
Sleeping bag (Duvets available at a cost of £4.00. Please book in advance if required)

Underwear and socks, T shirts and a couple of sweaters

Several pairs of old trousers (Please try to avoid jeans)

Several pairs of old trainers

Waterproof/windproof jacket, waterproof/windproof trousers

Woolly hat, gloves, torch, plastic water bottle (an old drinks bottle will suffice)

Night wear, indoor shoes or slippers, towels and personal wash kit.

You might consider bringing insect repellent, sun cream, lip balm, throw away camera, plastic bag for last minute wet clothing

Pocket money (about £10 will suffice)

Please discourage bringing valuable mobile telephones and electronic games, and aerosol sprays (they set off fire alarms)

If the children are involved in packing we find that they have a much better idea of what they have with them. It is very helpful if you can label clothes, in some way. Please try to use soft bags rather than large cases, if possible