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  • What time are meals?

    Breakfast is normally at 08:15 and Evening meal is normally at 18:00.

  • Is there a television?

    Normally there is not time to watch television during your stay but there is a television in the lounge provided for visiting adults.

  • When is the group leader asked for the first deposit?

    Group leaders will be normally be asked for an initial deposit of approximately 10% of the total due within a few days of making the initial booking

  • When is the group leader asked for the second deposit?

    Group leaders will be normally be asked for a second deposit of approximately 20% of the total due to be paid 12 weeks prior to the start of your residential.

  • When is the group leader asked to make the final payment?

    Final payment is normally due 4 weeks prior to the start of your visit.

  • How many people sleep in each room?

    There are 3 fitted bunk beds in each bedroom and plenty of storage space. Normally there are three to six persons sleeping in each room.

  • How many bathrooms are there?

    Downstairs there are two main toilet blocks, two private bathrooms and one bathroom for the disabled. Upstairs there are two main toilet blocks and six private bathrooms.

  • What should I bring with me?

    The following are items that you are expected to bring. However, please do not buy expensive items if you do not own them already. Contact us and we may be able to help.
    Sleeping bag, Waterproof/windproof jacket, Waterproof/windproof trousers, 2 or 3 old T shirts and old sweaters, 2 or 3 pairs old trousers, 2 or 3 pairs of old trainers, Indoor shoes or slippers, Pyjamas or Nightdress, Underwear and socks, Towels and personal wash kit, Sun Hat / Woolly hat/ gloves / Sun cream, Plastic Water Bottles (an old drinks bottle will suffice)
    It is important that everyone has at least two pairs of old training shoes or similar as they are required for climbing and watersports.
    You might also consider bringing a Torch, Throw away camera, Plastic Bags for wet clothing, Wellington boots, Swimwear
    Please try and mark the more expensive clothing in some way as the children often do not remember what they brought with them, especially if the packing was done by Mum!

  •  Do I need any specialist equipment?

    All specialist equipment for activities is provided. We advise our guests not to purchase any new or specialist equipment. We do ask you to bring old clothes, old trainers, and a warm, waterproof jacket. We are able to provide wellingtons and waterproof jackets and trousers.

  • Do I need to bring a sleeping bag?

    We do ask you to bring a sleeping bag because it helps us to keep down costs. However, please do not go out and buy one if you do not have one. Duvets are available for hire at a cost of £4.00 per stay.

  • Is there a plug for my hairdryer?

    There is a socket in every room.

  • Will my mobile telephone work at Red Ridge?

    Mobile telephones do not work at Red Ridge but do work on some of the off site activities. We recommend that children do not bring mobile telephones with them. There is one public telephone in the centre.

  • Do guests have access to laundry and drying facilities?

    There are two commercial washing machines and two tumble dryers available to our visitors. There is also a large and excellent drying room with an industrial dehumidifier.

  • What happens if the weather is not so good?

    In the unlikely event that the weather prevents us participating in any of our normal activities we have our artificial caving area and games room as an indoor back up. Another alternative might be to dress up against the weather and take an adventurous walk in the hills.

  • Can you accommodate people in wheelchairs?

    Two downstairs bedrooms have wheelchair access. There is one downstairs bathroom with wheelchair access. We rent hoists from the Red Cross as needed. Many of our activities have been adapted to accommodate wheelchair users although each case is always individually reviewed.

  • Can you accommodate persons with epilepsy, diabetes?

    Yes. We have experience in accommodating a very wide range of illnesses and diseases. It is mostly a matter of communication and letting us know what difficulties you have so that we can ensure that we have everything in place to ensure your safety and enjoyment.

  • Can you accommodate persons with learning disabilities?

    We are an inclusive centre and have been providing residential courses and activities to those with learning disabilities since 1978. We will ask you for personal details in order to ensure that we can fully meet your needs.

  • Can you accommodate someone who wets the bed?

    Each bedroom has a least one bed with a fully waterproof mattress and we have plenty of waterproof mattress covers for other beds. It is helpful if we know in advance of any likely difficulties so that we can plan ahead and avoid embarrassment.

  • Can you accommodate those persons with a special diet?

    We can accommodate most dietary requirements as long as we are given advance warning.

  • Do guests have access to the Internet and can they check their emails?

    There are two computers in the staff lounge with Broadband Internet access. These can be made available to group leaders on request.

  • Are your staff trained in first aid?

    It is Red Ridge policy that all staff, including domestic and care staff should be trained in first aid, CPR and defibrillation.

  • Where is the nearest hospital?

    We have local hospitals in Welshpool and Newtown but a very good relationship with our very well equipped Health Clinic in Llanfair Caereinion. If we needed a major hospital we would travel to Shrewsbury Hospital which is 30 miles from the Red Ridge Centre. The Rock climbing, caving and canoeing areas are much closer,

  • It is my child’s first stay away from home. What if he/she is homesick?

    Children are occasionally homesick and we recommend that the parent tell their children that they love them, will be thinking of them, but that they will not be making telephone calls during their stay. The teachers are wonderful at helping children through this and will usually try to avoid ringing home if possible because it inevitably distresses child and parent, and usually makes matters much worse. If the problem intensifies be assured that you would be contacted and, if necessary the child might have to return home. Clearly individual school policy may differ a little from this and you should speak with the teachers of your child.

  • How much pocket money does my child need?

    We have a small tuck shop and gift shop. £10 should be the absolute maximum. Please make sure that it is in fairly small change.